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Gig Harbor Remodels 

Remodels - Gig Harbor Contractor 


Welcome to Gig Harbor Remodels Corporation, specializing in the remodeling and new construction of custom spaces and homes for residents throughout Gig Harbor. We have provided competitively priced, comprehensive services to meet and exceed the expectations of even the most discerning of homeowners. From designer kitchens to elaborate estates, we create exquisite living spaces that realize the dreams and unique visions of our Gig Harbor customers. 

We are a team of builders serving the Gig Harbor area with more than 40 years of combined experience. From initial planning to final unveiling of your room addition, our team will be driven by two guiding principles: to always stay true to your vision and to deliver immaculate results. Led by founder Kirk, the remodeling and painting experts at Gig Harbor Remodels display an unwavering commitment to creating innovative, functional designs of timeless beauty and to delivering consistently impeccable craftsmanship.



Kitchen Remodeling in Gig Harbor, Washington


With decades of kitchen remodeling experience amongst the team at Gig Harbor Remodels, we can upgrade your existing kitchen so that it becomes the one you have always wanted. As custom builders serving the Gig Harbor area, we provide every service needed to achieve your dream kitchen, including moving walls; providing plumbing, electrical and painting services; and installing countertops, cabinets, and appliances. We are here to create your dream kitchen in Gig Harbor and will take the time to listen carefully so that we get it right the first time.



Bathroom Remodeling in Gig Harbor, Washington


At times a bathroom can feel uninspired or disconnected from the rest of the home. The professional remodeling staff at Gig Harbor Remodels can provide creative design solutions for your bathroom to either transform it into your own personal oasis or to make it more cohesive with the style and feel of the rest of your home in Gig Harbor. The possibilities are endless when you work with our remodeling visionaries and artisans. We can help you select color schemes, cabinetry, fixtures, and lighting to fit your personal style and budget, as well as professionally install vanities, mirrors, woodwork, and crown molding; tiles, marble, or granite countertops; and high quality flooring, lighting, and fixtures.


Family Room Remodeling in Gig Harbor, Washington


Bring everyone together in a fully redesigned and remodeled room that reflects your family's personality and warmth. We remodel family rooms, living rooms, dens, and bedrooms to suit the unique tastes and styles of our Gig Harbor customers. Our comprehensive remodeling services are intended to be stress-free, so all you need to do is give us your vision and we will take care of the rest. From permits to design, and from construction to installation, the Gig Harbor Remodels staff will provide excellent customer service and produce stellar workmanship.



Room Additions for Homes in Gig Harbor, Washington


Kirk and his team of remodeling experts can beautifully expand your Gig Harbor home to include another bedroom, floor, living room or bathroom. They can also create additional storage or garage space. From project conception to completion, we take care of everything–detailed estimates, architectural designs and mock-ups, permits and licenses, carpentry, painting, plumbing, electrical, and installation. Additionally, we go the extra mile to allow you to continue to use your home by keeping dust to a minimum, using protective covers, and working within a strict schedule.



Immaculately Built Homes in Gig Harbor, Washington


Learn why Gig Harbor Remodels has become the premier choice for Gig Harbor residents when they wish to remodel their home. At Gig Harbor Remodels, we apply artistry, quality craftsmanship, and years of knowledge and expertise to build and renovate elegant, unique, and long-lasting rooms and homes. We can work with nearly any budget; provide ongoing updates on your project; secure all necessary permits and licenses; treat you and your home with respect; and provide two-year warranties on all our work. We also provide free estimates. Call today to learn more.


Tile Contractor in Gig Harbor, Washington


Looking for tile work in Gig Harbor?  We build shower stalls, install floor tile, fireplaces, tub surrounds, countertops, barbeques, decks, and more. We are experienced in the use of mortar beds for showers, hot mopping shower pans, epoxy grout and thinsets, glass block installation and the installation of the latest waterproofing membranes.

Are you looking for a custom tile shower? We can help.
You look for a new tile kitchen counter or tile floor? We do that too.

Our experience includes many office buildings and homes in the Gig Harbor area, tenant improvement build outs, restaurants, public works projects and shopping mall storefronts.

We have very experienced tile setters and finishers in the Gig Harbor area, we do not sub work out to other companies.

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